Jill Friedberg

In my current “Inheritance” series I address my concern for the world we are leaving future generations. At the same time I am embracing multiculturalism and its potential to enrich each of us. In addition to my “Inheritance” series I am also currently working on my “A Room of One’s Own” series which addresses safe havens, imaginary and real, individuals might create during our Covid pandemic and other distressing times.

To express these concepts, I integrate more than 30 layers of my manipulated photographic images with acrylic paint and a multitude of repurposed materials such as laundry lint, feathers, snake skin, palm bark, egg shells, and wood shavings.

As such, the drawers and closets in my studio are stuffed to the brim with materials I have collected for over 30 years each waiting to be integrated into future works.

Most of my 2 dimensional works are on canvas mounted on wood panels or on wooden crates. Typically I take more than a year to develop a narrative around a series.

For over three decades following her education at Northwestern University and at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Friedberg has been a national recognized visual artist whose works have been exhibited extensively in museums, galleries and universities throughout the United States.